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The Baseline

Cardiomark, LLC Newsletter

Tuesday, July 1
Vol. 1

Welcome to The Baseline, a quarterly report that highlights our clients throughout the year. As a leader and innovator in clinical based marketing for cardiology, Cardiomark's Pocket EKG and Pocket Angiogram Programs are used by hospitals and physician groups nationwide to develop, promote, and expand their cardiovascular service line.
Cardiomark LLC provides the latest marketing strategies and services for growing cardiovascular market share.
We hope you find this to be informative, and appreciate your continued interest and support.
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Sentara Heart Pocket EKG Program Kicks Off Heart Month
Sentara Logo 

Sentara Heart, ranked among the top fifty U.S. heart hospitals for eight years, has successfully used the Pocket EKG Program to promote heart screenings throughout its Virginia health system.  This year, Sentara commemorated Heart Month by holding Pocket EKG screenings at its Sentara Bayside Hospital and Sentara Princess Anne facilities screening 164 patients.  Screening results are provided on the Pocket EKG Card and letter sent directly to the patients by Cardiomark.  A list of the cardiovascular services offered by Sentara is also included in the information sent to the patient along with their Pocket EKG Card.  Click here to learn more about Sentara's screenings or visit our website to see how Sentara Heart has customized the Pocket EKG Program to grow market share at:  http://www.cardiomarkllc.com/10hospekgsample.htm

Cardiomark's Promotional Library Targets EKG Screening Events Year Round

Ad Packet Cover 

Cardiomark provides you with a library of customized marketing materials to promote your cardiac screening events and lead your community toward disease prevention, detection, and management.  The support materials include the following:  campaign mailers, posters, ads, patient education materials, and other marketing tools to educate your community on the importance of knowing their cardiac profile including baseline EKG, blood pressure, and cholesterol.  The provided materials target a variety of events:  Heart Month, Women and Heart Disease, Senior Programs, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Employer Relations, and Executive Fitness.  This is an effective way to publicize, promote, and launch your own Pocket EKG screening event in your community.  Click here to see samples of these targeted marketing materials.


Thanks so much for taking the time to get to know us a little through our brand new quarterly newsletter. Please let us know if you have any questions about our Pocket EKG or Pocket Angiogram programs at inquire@cardiomarkllc.com, and visit our website at www.cardiomarkllc.com 

Lori Keledjian
Cardiomark, LLC