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The Baseline

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Thursday, January 22
Vol. 3

Thank you for your continued interest in The Baseline, a quarterly report that highlights our clients throughout the year. As a leader and innovator in clinical based marketing for cardiology, Cardiomark's Pocket EKG and Pocket Angiogram Programs are used by hospitals and physician groups nationwide to develop, promote, and expand their cardiovascular service line.
Cardiomark LLC provides the latest marketing strategies and services for growing cardiovascular market share.
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Did You Know? 
February is American Heart Month

During American Heart Month, the American Heart Association's focus is "Go Red for Women," a nationwide movement to raise awareness about women and cardiovascular disease. Each year cardiovascular diseases claim the lives of nearly half a million women. For all of the women you know who have been affected by cardiovascular disease, participate in Wear Read Day on Friday, February 6th. Your involvement in the movement can help save the lives of women across the country. For more information, please visit the American Heart Association's website at www.americanheart.org.

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Baseline EKG and Assessment Can Predict Heart Disease in Women
Medical professionals have long held that a Baseline EKG is a valuable medical reference. A powerful study printed March 7, 2007 in the Journal of the American Medical Association suggests that an EKG test is even more important than previously thought. The study found that abnormalities detected in a Baseline EKG assessment can predict heart disease in post-menopausal women. The risk of heart disease for women with minor abnormalities was 55 percent greater; women with major abnormalities had a risk three times greater than the average.
Dr. Nieca Goldberg, Medical Director of New York University's Women's Heart Program recommends a Baseline EKG in women for detection of heart disease, noting that "...it looks like electrocardiograms are more predictive than we thought," and "If the ECG [EKG] is abnormal, that should trigger a more aggressive evaluation for heart disease."

Women's EKG screenings, providing the Pocket EKG Card and EKG assessment to women, are ideal for fostering heart disease awareness, prevention, detection, and management in this traditionally overlooked patient demographic.

Please click here to read the study.

Hospitals Nationwide Use Pocket EKG for Women's Outreach
What do Colorado, Texas, Washington, New Jersey and Oklahoma have in common? Hospitals throughout these states have successfully used the Pocket EKG Program to implement Women's Heart Disease screening services and programs.
These healthcare organizations know that women are a key marketing demographic, integral to household healthcare decisions, including choice of provider. That's why they choose the Pocket EKG Program to provide a service that is clinically valuable to women while strategically valuable to the organization's bottom line.
Please click here or contact us for more information on how the Pocket EKG Program can become a strategic part of your women's screening services and/or programs.
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Lori Keledjian
Cardiomark, LLC