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The Baseline

Cardiomark, LLC Newsletter

Vol. 5    June 18 . 2009

Welcome to The Baseline, a quarterly report that highlights our clients throughout the year. As a leader and innovator in clinical based marketing for cardiology, Cardiomark's Pocket EKG and Pocket Angiogram Programs are used by hospitals and physician groups nationwide to develop, promote, and expand their cardiovascular service line.
Cardiomark LLC provides the latest marketing strategies and services for growing cardiovascular market share.
We hope you find this to be informative, and appreciate your continued interest and support.

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Did You Know:

World Heart Day will be recognized on September 27 to help inform individuals around the world that heart disease and stroke are the world's leading causes of death. According to the World Heart Federation website: "The general theme this year is 'workplace wellness.' Most of us spend over half our waking hours working.   A workplace that encourages healthy habits can reduce [the] risk of many diseases - including cardiovascular diseases...
This is why World Heart Day 2009 is calling on everyone to 'Work with Heart' - encouraging...small changes that together could make a big difference in favour of greater health and productivity."

September is the perfect time to recognize World Heart Day by using Pocket EKG to launch corporate health screenings for your organization's employees.
To learn more about World Heart Day please click here.

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Pocket EKG Program Is Ideal for
 Promoting Health Fairs
What does Las Palmas Medical Center in El Paso, Texas know? The Pocket EKG Program is a great strategy for achieving a successful health fair. This Certified Chest Pain facility has long provided the Pocket EKG Card to those receiving services at their LifeCare center, however, more recently, the Las Palmas health system has expanded its use of the Pocket EKG Program by offering baseline EKG's at community health fairs; Cardiomark mails attendees their resulting EKG in the form of the wallet-size Pocket EKG Card so that this important medical tool can be referenced immediately when needed. 
With summer fast approaching, start planning your own seasonal health fair with Pocket EKG!
Please click here to learn more about Las Palmas Medical Center..
 Cardiomark to Exhibit at SHSMD in Orlando, FL
We'll be exhibiting at the Society for Healthcare Strategy and Marketing Development (SHSMD) conference set to take place in Orlando, Florida September 30-October 2, 2009. We encourage your organization to stop by our booth and talk to our customer representatives about how our Pocket EKG and/or Pocket Angiogram Programs can be customized to fit the exact needs of your organization. These Prorgrams are extremely versatile and have a track record of building cardiovascular market share for physician practice and hospital organizations around the country. Ask how our services can reach your specific niche demographic and/or promote the following services for your organization:
  • Community Outreach Campaigns
  • Women's Programs
  • Senior Programs
  • Executive Wellness Programs
  • Cath Lab & Heart Surgery Services
  • Others

Or, call us toll free at 1-800-589-4949 and talk to a representative today about how we can help you achieve your marketing goals

 EKG and ANGIO Cards



Please let us know if you have any questions about our Pocket EKG or Pocket Angiogram programs at inquire@cardiomarkllc.com, and please visit our website at www.cardiomarkllc.com 

Lori Keledjian
Cardiomark, LLC