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Cardiomark, LLC Newsletter

Vol. 8    June 2, 2010
Did You Know:

What is Atrial Fibrillation?:

Atrial fibrillation (A-fib) is the most common type of arrhythmia (irregular heart rhythm) with up to 1 in 4 people over the age of 40 developing the condition. A-fib screenings are necessary because the condition can increase the chance of stroke 5 times and often doesn't have any symptoms. The presence of A-fib also increases the risk of heart failure and death.


Baseline EKG & Diagnosis:

An EKG is one of the primary tests used to diagnose A-fib; so by adding A-fib assessments as a part of the overall EKG interpretation conducted by a physician, those with the condition can be identified and directed to begin a treatment regimen that will get their condition under control. The new Pocket EKG screening patient data form includes a way to track, report and inform your patients about the presence of this condition. Consider adding this assessment to your EKG/Cardiac screenings  to maximize your efforts to prevent, identify and manage heart conditions.

Click Here to learn more about A-fib and contact us for information on how we can help make A-fib assessments a part of your health screening services. 
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  McKee Medical Center Launches the Pocket EKG Program  


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Community heart health is a priority at McKee Medical Center (McKee), a 132-bed, acute-care hospital that has served the Loveland, Colorado community for more than 30 years. The hospital is part of Banner Health, based in Phoenix and one of the largest, nonprofit healthcare systems in the country. Banner has 22 facilities that offer an array of services.

As one of Banner Health's facilities, McKee along with its 950 staff and more than 500 volunteers, prides itself on providing excellent patient care, the latest in technological advances and caring attention to patient needs. Since opening in 1976, McKee has been dedicated to supporting patients' physical, emotional and mental well-being. The organization's commitment to community health is well evidenced by the month-long calendar of events the hospital hosted in February 2010 to recognize heart month.

The hospital's Heart Month activities included nationally recognized speakers discussing heart health topics, healthy cooking demonstrations and, on Tuesday, February 16 a McKee Cardiovascular Services open house, providing guests with electrocardiogram (EKG) screenings. The EKGs were interpreted by a cardiologist from the new CardioVascular Institute of North Colorado at McKee Medical Center. Fifty-two community members were screened and provided with a Pocket EKG Card that included the screening participants' baseline EKG along with a letter reporting the EKG interpretation and guidelines for follow-up. Of the 52 individuals screened, 10 had an abnormal EKG and 9 had a minor abnormal EKG. Those with abnormal or minor abnormal EKG interpretations were advised to follow-up with a physician to find out the nature of the abnormality and identify whether the result signified the presence of a medical condition needing to be addressed.  In such a way, the screening served to help advance the heart health of Loveland's community members and McKee's mission.


Charlie Schneider, BS, RRT, Director of Non-Invasive Cardio and Respiratory Care Services at McKee Medical Center says the Pocket EKG service "was a great success" at the event. The hospital plans to continue to offer the Pocket EKG Card at health fairs and to their cardiovascular patients upon request. Visit www.bannerhealth.com/McKee to learn more about Banner Health and McKee's dynamic community health initiatives.


 Pocket EKG for Clinical Initiative Development

The Pocket EKG Program is a great tool for planning, promoting and launching health screening campaigns but once enrolled in the program, your organization has clearance to use the Program in customized ways that will meet the needs of your cardiovascular service line. Below are some strategic ways that Pocket EKG fits into the cardiovascular service line to help meet goals, build excellence and provide outstanding patient care.
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 Click Here to visit our website and learn about how Pocket EKG fits into your cardiac service line strategy.

Please let us know if you have any questions about our Pocket EKG or Pocket Angiogram programs at inquire@cardiomarkllc.com, and please visit our website at www.cardiomarkllc.com.

Lori Keledjian
Cardiomark, LLC